Metaphors have always been a form of expression in my life, a way of understanding and conveying myself.

I remember a game I used to play by myself when I was younger, with shapeless mosaic stones covering the floor of our home. I recall transforming each piece into an object, giving them tangible forms without delving into the meaning behind the abstract thoughts I assigned to them. The shapeless stones were like my playmates, my metaphoric toys.

“Objects’ meaning is derived from the meanings we attribute to them,” says John Berger.

Nowadays, I find myself in a period where I want to scrutinize the meanings behind the thoughts I assigned to those mosaic pieces. My artworks can be inspired by the last film Brandon Lee played in or can portray my adolescence through a figurine of a male head, influenced by the Sigmund Freud I read or the Pink Floyd I listen to.

As my emotions align with the metaphors in my subconscious, they take shape through art.

When I look back at what I have created over the years, I am often surprised to see different things, but whenever I glance at an Escher painting hanging on the wall, it tells a different story.
The game I played in my childhood is still ongoing, and I realize that incorporating art into people’s

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